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A customizable platform that suits the needs of every individual user

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Our Process

CT / MRI imagery

With data from your medical history we create precise 3D models of your anatomy.

Custom solution modeling

Our 3D experts use given data and create unique and fully customizable solutions.

3D Printing

Solutions are born through versatile 3D print technology using high-performance materials of your choosing.

Be ENABLED not disabled

People with disabilities are the largest minority in the world. Used as “tools of inspiration”, people with disabilities are often felt bad for instead of treated as an equal.

Combining our everyday passion for chasing high scores and kill streaks with love
of modern technologies we can provide solutions to accommodate those with special needs.


People assume life sucks with a disability but what happens if we are just adaptive and enjoy life? What happens if living an adaptive lifestyle means we are not only resilient but inventive and creative?

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